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Article on raising voter turnout rates in iPolitics

Today iPolitics published a special edition entitled “78 Ways to Fix the Way We Do Politics”. I was asked to contribute an article exploring tactics for raising voter turnout rates. My article draws on Thaler and Sunstein’s notion of “nudge” politics to outline creative, simple, and potentially highly effective ways of ensuring Canada’s voter turnout rates reverse their downward trend. You can find the article here.

The entire edition is worth checking out, as a number of notable Canadians contributed, including Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board and Minister for FedNor, Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, and Graham Fox, President of the Institute for Research on Public Policy. The list of proposals is probably the most comprehensive collection of democratic reform initiatives to be found in one place on the web, which should make it a good resource for those interested in the topic.

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Presentation for l'Union Montréal's Members' Congress

This past weekend I was invited to speak at the plenary session of l'Union Montréal's members' congress. The plenary session looked at the role of social media in politics. My presentation offered recommendations for the party's 2013 election strategy based on research examining trends in online political participation.

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Op-ed in The Mark: Democratic Renewal Delayed

In response to the results of the 2011 Canadian federal election I wrote a piece for The Mark on the barriers to meaningful democratic reform. You can find it here.

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Appearance on The Agenda: Political Institutions Adrift?

Last night I was a guest on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin, discussing the health (or lack thereof) of Canada’s democratic institutions, along with Ned Franks (Queen’s University), Aaron Wherry (Maclean’s), Duff Conacher (Democracy Watch) and Michael MacMillan (Samara). The full episode is available here:

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Presentation: "Public Sector Social Media Engagement"

Today I joined David Eaves, Joseph Thornley and Jesse Hirsch as a member of a panel discussing social media engagement at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. My presentation focused on the risks commonly associated with the department’s use of social media, and the strategies that governments have adopted to minimize these risks when interacting online with citizens.

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